• B.Sc. (with honors) in Applied Physics - Technion, Haifa 1969.
  • M.Sc. Experimental research in nuclear physics - Technion 1971. 
  • D.Sc. Experimental and theoretical research in atomic and nuclear physics (part of the experimental work performed at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg) - Technion 1979. 
  • Course in Management of High-Tech Enterprises - Haifa University 1989-1991. 
Positions held
2011 Now: Israel Innovation Authority (formerly Office of the Chief Scientist):
    • Senior Evaluator, Systems Division 
    • Since 2018: Head of Medical Devices Section (Responsible for about 15 evaluators, about 300 projects evaluated p.a.)  
1999 Now: InSightec Ltd. (Elbit Medical Imaging):
Vice President, Technology, Clinical Research & Marketing. Activities at different stages included: 
    • Feasibility studies of new technologies and products including R&D, assessment of technological risks, market and competitive analysis. 
    • Managing the company’s Intellectual Property with strong emphasis on fast development of a sizeable patent portfolio. 
    • Clinical research and regulatory world-wide. Collaboration with leading US and European hospitals and new product approvals. 
    • Clinical Safety Officer of the company 
    • Marketing and sales: Introduction of new technology to the medical market including presentations at conferences, major academic hospitals, development of business models and regional management of the European market. 
    • Responsibility for external funding for R&D such as OCS (Office of the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry and Trade), European Union etc. 
1987 - 1998: Elscint (In 1998 the company was dismantled and its product lines sold) 
1995 - 1998: Chief Scientist and Vice President, Technology and Intellectual Property. Activities included: 
    • Introduction of new technologies and participation in the process of new product development in all the company’s product lines. 
    • Technological and business assessment of external companies considered for different types of relationships with Elscint. 
    • Managing the Intellectual Property department: managing the patent portfolio, active involvement in fostering new patent applications, licensing negotiations and contracts etc. Led two successful major patent litigations in the US. 
    • Responsibility for external R&D funding and joint projects with the academia. 
    • Director in four of the company’s subsidiaries: two industrial subsidiaries in the US and UK and two distribution subsidiaries in Canada and South Africa. 
    • In 1998, also in charge of the Connectivity Business Unit, a stand-alone profit center responsible for setting up a product line including internally developed and OEM products, their distribution and servicing. 
1993 - 1995: Director, Nuclear Medicine R&D. Department including over 50 engineers and scientists with about $8M p.a. budget, developing all new products and clinical research in collaboration with worldwide luminary sites. 
1989 - 1993: Projects Manager, Nuclear Medicine R&D. Development of new Gamma Camera from product definition to product file, manufacturing and first installations. Several projects developing product options and upgrades. 
1988 - 1993: Manager, Physics Department, Nuclear Medicine R&D. 
1987 - 1988: Senior Physicist, Nuclear Medicine R&D 

    Other activities during this period: 

1998 - 2002: Independent Member, Board of Directors, Swissray International 
1998: Deputy Chairman, “Izmel” National Consortium for Development of Generic Technologies in the Area of Image Guided Surgery. 
1996 - 2001: Member of Advisory Board for Applied Physics Program, Tel Aviv University. 
1995 - 1999: Member of Advisory Board for Biomedical Engineering Program, Technion, Haifa. 
1994 - 1996: Marketing and sales tasks in Nuclear Medicine: German market and reversal of worldwide market share loss trend. 
1993 - 1994: Managing of patent infringement litigation case in the US. 

1981 - 1988: Physics Department, Technion, Haifa (Experimental research in atomic and nuclear physics, teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses, supervision of M.Sc. and D.Sc. students): 

1983 - 1988: Senior Lecturer. 
1981 - 1983: Lecturer. 

    Other activities during this period: 

1986: Sabbatical - Brookhaven National Laboratory (SDI project). 
1985 - 1987: Consultant, Jordan Valley Applied Radiation. 
Summer of 1984: Visiting Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. 
Summer of 1982, 1983, 1987: Guest Scientist at GSI in Germany. 

1979 - 1981: Guest Scientist at GSI in Darmstadt, Germany. 

1976 - 1979: Studies and research work for D.Sc. at the Technion. In parallel work on project funded by the International Atomic Energy Agency. 

1971 - 1976: R&D work for the Israeli Defense Ministry partly within compulsory military service. 

1969 - 1971: Studies and research work for M.Sc. at the Technion, Haifa. 

  • About 35 papers in international scientific journals. 
  • Papers presented at about 25 international conferences, including 5 invited talks. 
  • Patents: over 15 different patents. 
  • 2004 European IST Grand Prize (including a 200,000 € cash prize) for InSightec’s ExAblate system: Prepared, submitted and represented in front of the Prize Committee. 
  • 1994 award - One of Radiology Today’s Top Ten Most Innovative Products for Elscint’s CardiaL gamma camera: Invented, designed and patented the system. 
Professional Experience 
  • Technology: Basic fields include gamma and x-ray detectors and systems, medical imaging devices, minimally invasive and non-invasive tumor ablation technologies, integration of complex computer controlled systems comprised of mechanical, analog/digital hardware and software components as well as the development of those components. On the system level, particular expertise in medical devices including their clinical applications. 
  • Clinical research and regulation: Experience in setting up, getting regulatory approval, conducting and summarizing clinical research as well as getting regulatory approval for new products in the US, Europe, Russia and Far East. 
  • Business development: Ability to assess potential of new ventures and existing enterprises by analyzing technological opportunities and risks, estimating time and cost to market, assessing market potential and competition and evaluating alternative business models. 
  • Management: During my years in the high-tech industry I have gained experience in all the areas of activity from product definition through all stages of development, manufacturing and marketing to direct interaction with the customer in the sales process and after-sale support and closing the loop from there to the next round of product definition. I have also been exposed to financial and human resources issues and have managed large groups of highly qualified personnel in a task-oriented tight schedule environment. 
  • Intellectual Property: Extensive experience in managing IP portfolios of medtech companies, thorough understanding of the patenting process, ability to assess value of IP portfolio, experience in licensing contracts. Led two successful major patent litigations in the US.